3 Tips for Navigating the Political Landscape Wihtout Stepping on a Landmine

Sep 19, 2020 Constitutional Law

Politics is one of those topics that should always be approached with caution. Today’s political landscape is more fraught with disagreement and opposing views than perhaps at any other time in history. That can create make it challenging to find out what people really stand for and who you should support. Learning how to navigate those complexities will help you get the answers you need to make informed decisions. 

1. Listen to Every Side

Every issue has more than one side, and it is important to consider each angle before making a decision. Whether you have conservative, liberal or moderate political views, you should always learn all of the arguments being made about a topic. No matter how strong your feelings are on it, you still want to give ample time and attention to those opposing viewpoints. Otherwise, you can become caught up in an information vacuum and lose sight of the big picture. 

2. Reflect on Your Own Beliefs

When choosing who to support, it pays to know where you stand first. Take time to evaluate your beliefs and priorities. Identify what matters most to you and how you want to be represented. This will help you find connection with platforms. Remember that, although the two main political parties dominate most conversations, they aren’t the only ones out there. 

3. Fact Check Everything You Hear

Just because you read it, doesn’t mean you should take it at face value. More people are getting their information from social media. Unfortunately, that can present a very lopsided, and sometimes downright false, narrative. In addition to social media misinformation, sensationalized reporting is becoming increasingly important in today’s highly polarized society. Media outlets present news and cover stories based on their supporters’ interests which can skew the presentation. No matter where you hear a story, dig a little deeper and fact check it to verify the information. 

With a little bit of effort and a lot of open-mindedness, you can navigate even today’s chaotic political landscape. Establishing your personal priorities, listening to opposing arguments and fact checking everything can help it make sense.