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Welcome to the most recent crusade initiated by the new traditionalist voice on Canada’s grounds!

Despite the fact that our roots do a reversal to 1854 when Sir John A. Macdonald established the Conservative Party, we are another brand of Conservative. We are grounds traditionalists.

We are proactive, dissident, and prepared to battle. We remain for Canadian and standard moderate qualities.

This website is made for political news and with any regards on petition. We aim to provide guidance to several individuals and group entities who has trouble with any circumstances that is related to politics. We also develop a through guide on how can you possibly file a complaint or in this case a petition to any political individual that you may think violates the rule of law in a particular event.

To reach us, you may send an email at info@chargemoore.com. We will make sure to go through all you emails and provide you the best answer that we can muster.