Is It Time To Talk To an Employment Lawyer?

Jun 19, 2020 General Article

Employment law is a complex topic, and one that necessarily involves delicate decision-making. Labor laws exist to protect workers from exploitation by giving them a process to have their grievances heard and decided by a neutral party. Despite measures in the laws designed to protect employees who file for protection or damages, moving forward is still a delicate process for the many folks who continue to work in the job where they are having an employment dispute with their management. That’s why many people feel conflicted about coming forward. So when is it a good idea to talk to a lawyer about your options?

Protecting Your Safety and Earnings

If your management has required you to work without compensation or without the right personal protective equipment as defined by OSHA for the work you are doing, then there’s a good chance you should at least review your options with an attorney. There are ways to handle the issue without moving forward with a case immediately, but they often require a legal show of force, like a cease and desist letter. You won’t understand the range of those options until you go through the specifics of your situation with someone who understands employment law Orlando, though. A legal professional can also help you move forward with workers compensation claims when there is a dispute about eligibility.

Get Relief in Hostile Work Environments

If you are being targeted for discrimination or harassment that is protected under labor or civil rights laws, legal help is there to help you get relief. Often, upper management and ownership at companies are unaware of the daily toll that being targeted by a coworker can bring, but having the support of a legal professional who can help bring your complaint to light might mean getting the support you need to improve your work situation without even needing to go to court. If you’re dealing with a direct superior who is intimidating you in any way, an employment lawyer can help you protect yourself while raising an alarm with the people above your superior.