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I just signed a petition urging the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada to charge Michael Moore under the Elections Act.  As you know, Moore is the same loudmouth who has been spreading propaganda to oppose mainstream conservative values. Join me in working to keep Moore’s propaganda out of Canada. Sign the petition by visiting


Michael Moore damaged the exceptionally same laws that the Left forces keeping in mind the end goal to “level the playing field.” This time, Moore wound up on the wrong end of the playing field.

It’s just plain obvious, as indicated by Part 11, Division 9, segment 331 of the Canada Elections Act:

No individual who does not live in Canada should, amid a race period, in any capacity prompt balloters to vote or cease from voting [*] for a specific hopeful unless the individual is

a Canadian native; or

a changeless occupant inside the significance of subsection 2(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

As per Part 19, area 500 (3) of the same Act:

Each individual who is blameworthy of an offense under any of subsections 484(2), 486(2), 495(3) and 497(2) is subject on outline conviction to a fine of not more than $2,000 or to detainment for a term of not over six months, or to both.

While this muffle law may appear to be to some degree draconian, moderate gatherings have been charged under comparable laws previously. We trust that the laws should be connected similarly on the off chance that they are to stay on the books. Are multi-mogul big names exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else in this nation