4 Ways to Dress Men to Look Smart and Stylish

May 28, 2020 General Article

When meeting people, appearance becomes the first thing they will see in themselves, first impression matters. So you really should know how to dress men who not only look stylish, but also smart. If from the beginning your first impression was okay, other people would be more interested in getting to know you better.
However, do not let the way you dress makes you uncomfortable doing activities. There are many ways you can apply to look smart and stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Apply the One-Two Method

T-shirts and jeans seem to have become the type of clothing that is sure to exist in all men’s closets, especially if you really like to look casual everyday. There’s really nothing wrong with that, but if you really want to improve your appearance, you should use the one-two method. You can start with casual clothes, then replace one or two of them with smarter alternatives.
For example, everyday you dress with a T-shirt, bomber jacket, jeans, and sneakers. Now try to replace the bomber jacket with a blazer and jeans with chinos. Super simple, but how to dress this one man can quickly make your appearance immediately look smarter.

Kimono Style

Want to wear an outer but feel that the blazer is too formal or the bomber jacket is too mainstream? You can try to apply Japanese fashion style by wearing kimono. Don’t think you’ll look old if you wear kimono. Instead, you will actually look more attractive and stand out.
Choose kimono with colors that are easily combined with other colors, such as dongker blue or brown. For other outfits, you should wear those that don’t overdo it. For example, choose black jeans, white jerseys, and black sneakers. Then add the kimono. Guaranteed you will look more stylish, Urbaners.

Blazers and T-Shirts for Smart Looks

If you want to look smart without needing a lot of effort, a blazer is the way to go. However, you need to know that not all blazers you can wear. Choose a blazer that doesn’t have foam pads on the shoulder. Then, pair it with a matching shirt or sweater and matching jeans.
For example, you can wear a light gray sweater, a blue blazer, and similar colored jeans. Do not forget to complete the appearance with your favorite sneakers. If you want to dress smarter for men, replace sneakers with boots or dress shoes. You can try the style of using a shirt that has a tie design Tuxedo shirt

Mix and match Flannel Shirts

From the beginning until now, the flannel shirt did not die. Apart from T-shirts and jeans, it seems like flannel shirts are also an item that is always in the men’s wardrobe. Comes with colorful plaid, flannel shirts can be easily combined with a variety of outfits.
How to use it is fun, you can just button it right away or use it as an outer. Then, if your long-sleeved flannel shirt, you can fold it up to the elbows to display the impression of relaxed is not excessive. Pair with jeans and sneakers, and you’re ready to go!
In addition to the four tips above, there is one more thing that you must pay attention to in applying smart and stylish ways to dress men: self confidence! No matter how good the clothes you wear, but if you are not confident, your appearance will definitely look less okay. Be confident