How To Know You Are Ready for a Horse

Aug 27, 2020 Insurance Law

Horses make great animal companions but they are also a huge responsibility. Bringing a horse home may be a dream come true for you, but before you make the commitment, you need to be sure you are ready to be a horse owner. Perform these three steps to ensure you are ready for the heavy responsibility of horse ownership.

Make Sure You Can Afford The Costs

Horses are expensive even if you don’t plan on competing on them. Not only do you need tack and high-quality food, but you also need to make sure you can afford vet bills if your horse gets sick or hurt. You may want to get a horse insurance quote to give you peace of mind on how to offset the cost when you do need to see a vet.

Check Land Requirements

If you want to keep your new pet on your property, you have to ensure it is properly prepared. You need approximately two acres of land per horse to give them adequate grazing room, and you also need to provide some sort of shelter. Finally, the entire pasture should be surrounded by a high wooden or metal fence to keep the horses inside.

Commit To Continuous Care

Pets such as cats require little care and maintenance, but if you choose to bring a horse home, you have to commit a significant portion of your time to his or her care. You have to exercise horses regularly, feed them on a schedule and clean the barn every day. If you aren’t willing to commit to such a hectic schedule, you probably aren’t ready to own a horse.

Buying a horse is a big commitment. Think about these three things to make sure you are ready for the responsibility. If you are ready, you can then begin the process of searching for the perfect companion.