It Was Only a Dent, Officer!

Apr 14, 2020 General Article

The afternoon was warm, but it wasn’t hot yet, so you decided to walk to the nearby corner market for a soda and some snacks. When you were almost half-way there, a long, sleek black car drove slowly by, and the driver began making some lewd comments about your body. You ignored the car and the driver, but you couldn’t keep from sighing and shaking your head as you noticed the car make a U-turn.

As the vehicle came to a stop near where you were walking, the driver’s remarks became so suggestive and insulting that you couldn’t help yourself – you walked up to the car and landed a great big kick into the side door panel. The driver began screaming obscenities and jumped from his car just as the police officers drove by. As the driver started throwing punches at your body, the officers restrained him; however, they arrested both of you for disorderly conduct, fighting, and property damage. Now that you have been arrested, this is what you can expect.

1. Information

When you get to jail, the officers will fingerprint you, ask for identifying information, and take your mug shot. You will then be placed in a cell to wait for a meeting with the judge.

2. Arraignment

Your meeting with the judge is called an arraignment. You will be asked how you plead, if you have an attorney, and how you support yourself. You will also be given information about bail.

3. Bonding

Once you have information about how much your bail will be, you can contact a Cleveland bail bonds company and arrange the payment that will get you out of jail on a bail bond. You will be asked to sign a contract with the company, so make sure you read it.

You can’t control the rude behavior of other people, but next time someone makes obscene comments, you will know to keep walking. Kicking and denting the car can get you arrested – and you don’t want that!