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Can You Claim Workman’s Comp for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Traditionally, work-related injuries tended to center around broken bones, sprained ligaments and torn backs. Most companies thought that jobs heavily focused on physical labor were more likely to require an insurance program while a quiet office setting would less frequently see claims. However, many employees and managers are beginning to realize that time indicated other factors could be just as detrimental. For that reason, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, at times, may be counted under the statement’s compensation laws. To see if you qualify, consider the following things.

1) What Factors Influenced Your Ailment?

When you request medical aid, the insurer may begin to question your personal habits. Do you play sports? Do you play the piano often? What hobbies do you enjoy? The agents may be looking for external factors leading to the illness. If they can point to an alternative source, then medical coverage could be denied. Be careful to stress how much time you spend on a computer or register. If they push back too much, contact an Iowa workers compensation attorney for support.

2) What Are the State Laws?

Workers comp varies by region, with each state government dictating requirements. Many legislators have added Carpal Tunnel. Read up on the codes, determining exactly how it’s viewed in your area.

3) How Much Evidence Have You Collected?

Again, this may be one person against the other, so document everything. Speak with medical professionals about concerns. Ask physicians about how to improve the situation, and report the findings (with … Read More

How To Get Into the Wine Industry

If you’ve ever dreamed of drinking wine for a living, you may just be in luck. There are jobs out there that allow you to work in the wine industry and taste some of the best wines available. Here are a few ways you can get started towards your goal of becoming a professional wine drinker. 


Although drinking wine is a big part of learning about it, you’ll also need to do research. It’s important to learn about the different types of grapes and the regions where they are grown. If you plan to work in the food and wine industry, you’ll need to learn about how different flavor profiles to pair with different dishes. Start by finding books on wine and doing your research. 


You’ll want to try as many wines as you possibly can. This can get expensive, so you may want to find a wine bar with TABC licensing where you can do tasters. If you start working around wine, you’ll be able to try a lot more of them. Be prepared to use the spit bucket a lot though. 


Experience is the best way to move up in the business. You’ll want to find a job where you work around people who are very knowledgable about wine. This could be at a winery, a wine bar or even a wine store. It won’t be glamorous at first, but immersing yourself in the world of wine is where it all begins. Don’t be afraid … Read More

Florida’s Notary Application Process

Notary’s primary responsibility is preventing fraud and identity theft. They do this by serving as impartial witnesses when important documents, such as mortgage, government or other official documentation is signed. If you research how to become a notary in Florida, you will find that the process can be drilled down into a few simple steps.

General Requirements

Florida notaries must be legal residents of Florida who can understand, read and write English. They must be legal adults, at least 18 years of age. In addition, a notary cannot have a felony conviction without taking additional steps.

Notary training

After you have read Chapter 117 of the Florida statutes on Notary Publics, you must complete a short notary course. The three-hour course covers your duties and responsibilities as a notary. There may be a cost of up to $100 for the training course or $100-$200 for a live seminar. After you complete the course, you will receive a certificate that you send in with your application.

Application Process

To get an application, contact a bonding agent. In addition to providing your training certificate, you will need to submit a personal reference from someone unrelated to you who affirms your integrity. You will also need to provide your personal and employer’s information, oath of office and qualifications. A minimum 4-year bond for $7,500 is also required. Don’t forget the $39 filing fee.

You must also prove your Florida residency using either a license or car or voter registration. Then, … Read More